The Young At Heart ministry to Seniors is a vibrant part of CBC! Our most experienced generation can be found active in every ministry of the church, and come together to celebrate God’s goodness and enjoy each other’s fellowship for a Covered Dish Luncheon on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Year-round activities are plentiful – Bible Studies, Rays’ games, cruises, and everything in between. Our Seniors have found that life is better spent together! For more information, please contact Mrs. Irma Day.


Pastor Nick and The GANG meet regularly to dig into The Word and figure out what living out their faith in the real world really looks like.

Food and fun are always on the docket!



The Music Ministry at CBC is an extension of our commitment to worship the One True God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strengths. Our goal is to unite our personal worship experiences into a corporate time of adoration of the Creator and Sustainer of our faith, and encouragement of the Believers. Our Praise Team, Praise Band and Choir focus on leading the congregation into worship of our audience of One. May He always get all the glory! For more information, please contact Steve Hartog.


Sunday School Ministries at CBC are about bringing God’s Word to every age group and making it relevant to each stage of the journey. While most classes are distinguished by age, adults of all ages are invited to try different classes until they find the best personal fit!

Sunday mornings 10:10am

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CBC has a deep passion for Missions both at home and around the world. Every summer we send a mission team to Jamaica to do children’s ministries and evangelism, and every winter we participate in Operation Christmas Shoebox and the Angel Tree. Year round our Faith Community Nurses and knitting ladies are active. Our most hands-on missions happen right out of our own church facility and we feel privileged to have personal contact with those we are eager to serve through the Clothes Closet and the Food Pantry.