Unraveling Infant Damnation and Original Sin | Nick Shalna

Where do infants and children go when they pass away without having professed faith in Christ? While many theologians have struggled to provide an adequate answer throughout church history, the issue that so many cannot get around is the concept of “original guilt”. If a baby is born with original guilt, how could they possibly avoid punishment for sin? Join us to find out why you can be confident that infants and children go to heaven. 

Letting Go of The Horns of The Altar | Nick Shalna

Why was Joab found desperately holding on to the “horns” of the altar? Is there anything you are holding onto in hopes of finding security such as money, pride, happiness, or even other people? While these are mostly good things, nothing can save us apart from trusting in the sufficiency of Christ and His willingness to die in our place. Are you willing to let go of the “horns of the altar” to take hold of Christ?

The Road to Perfection | Hebrews 7:13-19

The commandments, rituals, and regulations of the Mosaic Law cannot get men and women to God.  The law, as well intentioned as it may be, cannot produce human perfection, which is the minimum requirement for access to God.  So, what hope do we have?  Actually, we have a better hope, says the writer of Hebrews, a hope that makes us perfect before God.  Sound crazy?