No Laughing Matter | James 4:9

Our culture violently wrestles to free itself from every vestige of guilt, not by means of forgiveness but by means of escape. Believe it or not, James had to address this very issue as do we. Perhaps, they and we had/have become like those described by psychiatrist M. Scott Peck as people of the lie

Remember This! | 1 Corinthians 11:23-25

Jesus worked in memorable ways.  Jesus spoke in memorable ways.  Jesus raised up memorable men.  Jesus brought into being memorable churches.  Yet, Jesus did not specifically ask to be remembered by His miracles, His words, His disciples or the churches which He instituted.  Do you know how Jesus specifically asked to be remembered?  You may be surprised, but you may also be inspired.

Living Below 212* Fahrenheit | 2 Pet. 1:3-11

Self-control is a quality found in the character of God. At least nine times the Bible tells us that God is slow to anger, i.e., God controls His emotions; God restrains His agitations; God never acts rashly. The person who breaks out of the egg and soars on the winds of the Spirit has learned to manage well his/her mind, emotions and passions. Here’s the question of the day: How can a person reel in the emotions and passions? How can a person manage explosive agitations? How can a person live below 212* Fahrenheit?

Overcoming Worry | 2 Peter 1:3-11

Not only are worry and anxiety symptoms of assuming somebody else’s responsibilities, they are also evidence of a deep problem. What problem? Not knowing God. You may think that the propensity to worry is connected to DNA inherited from previous generations. However, worry is actually the result of not knowing God well enough. Anxieties and insecurities about life come under control when we possess an adequate understanding of who God is and how God cares for us. Don’t miss this opportunity to wipe worry from your life. Learn how now.

God’s Age, Charlton Heston, Porcupines, Snakes on Sticks | John 3:14-15

John 3:14-15 is intimately connected to Numbers 21:4-9. Actually, without Numbers 21:4-9 the interpretation of John 3:14-15 would not only be impossible, it wouldn’t even make sense. However, the connection sets these passages at the heart of dynamic Christian living. If you’ve ever had difficulty finding peace and rest, this message is for you. Joyful contentment is only minutes away.

Happy Hour | 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

The Lord’s Supper is addressed on five occasions in the New Testament. The coming again of Jesus, however, is mentioned twenty-three times. As Paul brings together the Lord’s Supper and the second coming of Christ, he links the Lord’s Supper not merely to what Jesus did but also to what Jesus will do. There can’t be one without the other. Consequently, when we participate in this experience we celebrate three expectations that change our lives as followers of Christ.