Escaping the Emotional Junk Heap | Habakkuk 3:17-19

Though my business fails, though I become unemployed, though I lose my home, though my cancer is incurable, though the stock market crashes, though my marriage ends in divorce, though my friends forsake me, though my dreams die, though my husband is murdered, though my wife runs off with another man, though my health deteriorates – yet will I worship the Lord. What if? How will you survive?

This Land Is My Land | Genesis 24: 5-7

The blessing of God calls for being in “the place of ‘His’ choosing.” Have you ever considered that idea in your life? Does anyone consider that idea when they accept a new job, or when they move to a new city, or when they make a huge purchase, or when it comes to who they marry, or when they decide which school to attend? I’m not saying it’s always easy to know, but isn’t that the best place to be? Isn’t that the place of greatest blessing and usefulness? Then for crying out loud, get there and stay there.

Deciding, then Deciding Again and Again | 2 Peter 1:3-11 (6c)

If you are a Christian, it’s because somewhere along the way you made a choice. You said: I want to follow Jesus Christ, and you trusted Him as Savior and Lord of your life. Perhaps, that decision came as a struggle for one reason or another. Yet, making that decision was not nearly as difficult as maintaining that decision. Starting is not nearly as tough as following through. Many begin but few finish.