This Land Is My Land | Genesis 24: 5-7

The blessing of God calls for being in “the place of ‘His’ choosing.” Have you ever considered that idea in your life? Does anyone consider that idea when they accept a new job, or when they move to a new city, or when they make a huge purchase, or when it comes to who they marry, or when they decide which school to attend? I’m not saying it’s always easy to know, but isn’t that the best place to be? Isn’t that the place of greatest blessing and usefulness? Then for crying out loud, get there and stay there.

The Marrying Kind | Genesis 24: 1-4

In the ancient world, parents chose who their children would marry. Do you think going back to such a custom would be advisable today? Since parents no longer make such decisions, do parents bear any responsibility in the choices made by their children regarding a spouse? If so, what are they? Further, does the Bible offer any guidance for single adults who may be praying for and searching for a mate? Believe it or not, Abraham provides valuable direction not only for parents and single adults but also for those who want to be prepared to address such serious issues as they arise.

Abraham’s Crystal Ball | Gen. 22:8 & John 8:56

In John 8 a lengthy conversation took place between Jesus and the Temple officials, a discussion that addressed the significance of Abraham in the life of Judaism. At its conclusion the fissure had grown so wide that the Temple officials picked up stones to throw at Jesus with the intention to kill Him then and there. Why this huge chasm? Did the difference truly matter then and does it truly matter now? The theological scholars debating with Jesus thought they had it all figured out, especially when it came to Abraham, but did they? Do you?