Laying Down The Law | Matthew 5:17-20

What does it mean for Jesus to have fulfilled the Law of Moses? Do Christians abide by a strict code or can we do whatever we want without consequence? How does understanding the two parties involved in Matthew 5-7, Jesus and the Pharisees, change the way we understand this passage? Nick Shalna explains the difference between the Law of Moses and the Law of Christ, and how the Christian should live in regard to this!

Where Does God Fit In? | Matt. 2:1-10; Luke 2:1-7

A famous Canadian preacher wrote: Words fail when we try to articulate in theology and worship our deepest feelings about the awesome, transcendent majesty of Almighty God. Is it possible that a God like that could have been in Bethlehem’s manger? In stark reality, are we to believe that God was there in that ancient place in some special and unique way? Shockingly, Jesus came into His own world in complete obscurity, in fact, with such obscurity that we are compelled to ask: Where does God fit in, and does it really make sense to fit such an obscure figure into our own lives?