Finding Joy in Curly’s Law | Philippians 3:8-11

In the 1991 movie, City Slickers, Curly, played by Jack Palance, said: There is only one thing in life that really matters. Just one thing. You stick to that and everything else means nothing. Mitch, played by Billy Crystal, asked: What is that one thing? We waited with bated breath and eager anticipation for the answer. Who doesn’t want to know the one thing in life that really matters? Curly answered: That’s what you’ve got to figure out. Paul figured it out! Paul discovered the one thing in life that really mattered – and you can too!

Finding Joy in Genuine Worship | Philippians 3:3

From the beginning of our lives, we are indoctrinated with the philosophy that achievement is the key to reward, honor and happiness. This is true academically, athletically and behaviorally. This is also true in the business world, the entertainment industry as well as the halls of government. If this is true in the physical/material world, then it makes sense that it would be true in the spiritual/immaterial world. That’s what the believers at Philippi thought. What do you think?

Finding Joy in Trashing Your Religious Resume’ | Philippians 3:1-9

Christianity is far and away superior to all other supposed religions, and I make no apology for saying so. Why? All other religions put confidence in the flesh. Paul used that phrase in Philippians 3:3 to distinguish Christianity from other beliefs, except he added one little word, the word “no.” Why is Christianity superior to all other religions? Here it is: We . . . put no confidence in the flesh. This is not only a powerful truth for apologetics; it is also a powerful truth that will set you free from the anxiety of both getting right with God and staying right with God. Find rest and refreshment right now.

Remember This! | 1 Corinthians 11:23-25

Jesus worked in memorable ways.  Jesus spoke in memorable ways.  Jesus raised up memorable men.  Jesus brought into being memorable churches.  Yet, Jesus did not specifically ask to be remembered by His miracles, His words, His disciples or the churches which He instituted.  Do you know how Jesus specifically asked to be remembered?  You may be surprised, but you may also be inspired.

The Greatest of All Schools | Genesis 29:1-30

What are principles that guide your life? Jacob had to learn the hard way that God’s guiding principles had to be chiseled into his head and heart. The chiseling, as you may imagine, did not come instantaneously but required years of training and struggle. The amazing thing is not so much that Jacob stayed the course but that God stayed the course with him. If your life is a train-wreck, stay the course, and you will discover that God will stay the course with you to the end.