Right Behind Sex, Is Death | Hebrews 2:14-15

Technology has not changed the tendencies of man.  Time has marched on, but humankind has remained humankind.  The advent of the space age has neither alleviated nor lessened man’s greatest dread.  The centuries have not erased the terrible bondage that plagues us and makes us slaves.  The fear of death remains the most formidable nemesis for many.  As someone has said: One out of every one dies.

Your Life; God’s Fingerprints | James 4:5

It may be your life, but God’s fingerprints are all over it. He created each of us, then turned us loose with the incredible optimism that we would come back to Him. He is jealous for our love and devotion. He is jealous for us infinitely and intimately. He has been jealous for us from the moment of our birth to the moment we walked away in sin. Anyone who has packed a bag somewhere along the line and has been shacking-up in a distant land, so to speak, just leave whatever you packed and come-on back home.

Go To My Brothers and Tell Them! | John 20:17

Go to My brothers and tell them. Those words are found in the 17th verse in the 20th chapter of John’s Gospel, and a case could be made that they are as significant as any other part of resurrection story. Many of us probably don’t recognize those words as belonging to the resurrection event much less see them as hugely significant. Yet, they are, and they are meant for each of us personally.

Angels and Apologetics | Hebrews 1:4-9

If you were a Jew attempting to persuade Jewish Christians to come back to the Temple, and your appeal to the advantage of the prophets failed to do so, then the angels as intermediaries between God and Moses just might convince them to leave Christianity behind. If you were writing this letter, how would you convince them to remain faithful? As it happens, this is a terrific expose’ on apologetics and the identity of Christ.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality | Job 42:1-5

We as believers must at times experience emotional death, where God is doing deep things within us, for a true resurrection to occur. Will you surrender to Him today and follow Jesus no matter what you’re feeling? In today’s message Associate Pastor Dan Harrington turns to the story of Job to show ways to get through the emotional walls and the dark nights of the soul we all face in our Christian journey.