Speak to Spoil | James 4:11-12

James characterized his congregation with such terms as conflicts, quarrels, fights, anger, cursing, bitter jealousy, selfish ambition, disorder, and every evil thing. The admonition we might expect to require the least emphasis in the church is the shocking reprimand that arose as a primary theme of James’ preaching. Surely, today’s church is different. No way do we need such tough confrontation in century 21, or do we?

0 for 10, Part 3 | Hebrews 3:9-11

The Israelis recognized that the intervention of God had taken place on their behalf on numerous occasions but only after the intervention, not before. They never learned to trust God in the present moment. Their testimony of God’s power is best described as a hind-sight testimony, never an up-to-the moment testimony. Thus, they endured 40 years of suffering in the wilderness. The same thing can happen today to nations, churches, and individuals. Make sure you’re not among them.

No Laughing Matter | James 4:9

Our culture violently wrestles to free itself from every vestige of guilt, not by means of forgiveness but by means of escape. Believe it or not, James had to address this very issue as do we. Perhaps, they and we had/have become like those described by psychiatrist M. Scott Peck as people of the lie

0 for 10, Part 2 | Hebrews 3:7-8

The writer penned this letter to a first century church comprised of Jews who had surrendered their lives to Christ but did not expect that following Him would result in persecution as well as the loss of property, and perhaps, the loss of life in the near future. Consequently, they stood on the precipice of exiting Christianity. How can such believers be encouraged to stay the course in spite of the hardship? The answer just might encourage you in the midst of your greatest adversity.

0 for 10, Part 1 | Hebrews 3:7-8

God does not inadvertently put a person or a people to a great task without testing them fully to ascertain their readiness. Commencing with Exodus 5, and culminating in Numbers 14, Israel faced ten tests of readiness. They failed every test which landed them in the wilderness for decades. The same thing can happen today to nations, churches, and individuals. Don’t let it happen to you.