Money, Madness & Majesty | Genesis 13:05-18 | Dr. John Connell

Genesis 13 unveils the first instance of wealth in the Bible, and its mention is congruent with a serious problem that developed as the result of that wealth. Indeed, trouble is always attached to wealth and the greater the wealth the greater the trouble. Instead of being the end to trouble wealth almost always has trouble and problems clinging to it, especially when various family members lay claim to that same wealth. Does the Bible address family squabbles over money? Yet bet! Check out how madness over money can actually be transformed into majesty.

Happy Hour | 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

The Lord’s Supper is addressed on five occasions in the New Testament. The coming again of Jesus, however, is mentioned twenty-three times. As Paul brings together the Lord’s Supper and the second coming of Christ, he links the Lord’s Supper not merely to what Jesus did but also to what Jesus will do. There can’t be one without the other. Consequently, when we participate in this experience we celebrate three expectations that change our lives as followers of Christ.

Dangers Lurking in the Garden District | Genesis 13:1-13

Lot moved his family to the garden district. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Sounds cozy and safe, doesn’t it? Sounds as desirous as it does delectable, doesn’t it? The finest people live there, don’t they? The choicest restaurants and boutiques are located there, aren’t they? That’s what Lot thought, then, the perils lurking in the garden district overtook him and his family. How did Lot, referred to as righteous, end up in Sodom? What was he thinking? Discover the answer in this message and, perhaps, save yourself from what creeps in the garden.

Politics as Usual | Acts 12:18-25

Someone contacted me recently disturbed about many of the events currently taking place in our nation. I could hear the despair in this person’s voice, even fear. Then a very pertinent question popped up in our conversation: What are we supposed to do now? The answer just may be found in this message: “Politics as Usual.” Check it out.

Six Steps Back | Genesis 12:11-2

In the first 9 verses of Genesis 12 Abram takes a giant step forward in his relationship with the Lord. In the remaining part of the chapter, however, he takes a giant step backward. In fact, he actually takes six giant steps backward. What are those steps? Is it possible to avoid taking those same steps? More importantly, can a person come back from taking so many steps backward?

The Church’s Most Effective Weapon | Acts 12:1-5, 13-16

How do you solve an unsolvable problem? According to Acts 12, collective, fervent prayer moves the heart of God who then moves mountains! The church comes together and seeks the interjection of God into whatever the dilemma happens to be, and God interjects Himself in whatever way He chooses. Praying personally is essential, but praying collectively is an imperative that most churches miss, thus missing the miraculous display of God’s power. What about your church?

Going Public with the Gospel | Acts 11:19-26

There is a sent-ness about Christianity that is built into its philosophical framework, an urgency that is inherent to its design, as well as a dispatch that cannot be denied, even when the secular side of us would like to deny it and even run from it.  Christianity is energized by an unapologetic break-out mentality.  Our founder made that utterly clear:  Just as the Father has sent Me, I also send you.  (Before listening to this message, you may want to print out the corresponding map that has been posted for your convenience.)

GOING BACK TO THE FUTURE Part 2 | Genesis 12: 4b-8

Is it possible that some terrific experience has been missed due a fear to accept change and challenge? Have you been miserable because your heart is in the past rather than the present? Is your work for the Lord without fervor and earnestness? When is the last time you knew the joy of a daily encounter with God? Maybe it’s time to move back to the future through an old enough old-time religion.

The Force Will Be with You | Acts 11:1-18

In Acts 11:16 Peter said: I remembered the word of the Lord, how He used to say, “John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.” Do you know how powerful, how magnificent, how incalculable this is? Peter is saying to the whole world that if anyone wants to be the dwelling place of “the Force” they can! The Holy Spirit who was prophesied by Joel, promised by Jesus and sent by the Father will inhabit your life. The Holy Spirit, who is God in us, will inhabit your life and turn you every which way but loose!