Nobody Likes Me – Everybody Hates Me – I Guess I’ll Eat Some Worms | Genesis 42:26-38

All these things are against me, Jacob cried out. Can you believe that such an assertion
could come from the lips of a person who supposedly trusted God? Yet, how often we
feel exactly as Jacob! He had become convinced that everything had worked counter
to his longings, when in fact, everything had happened directly in his favor. The same
is true for you. This ancient story rushes headlong into our lives and changes
everything. Don’t doubt it.

Real Religion | James 1:26-27

I have a distaste for the word religion. In fact, I object to the use of the term, especially when it comes to Christianity. Yet, James used the words religion and/or religious three times in two consecutive verses. Yikes! What do you think he meant? Is Christianity nothing more than a religion? Are you religious, and is being religious enough? I wonder. Do you?

It Don’t Take a Rocket Scientist | Psalm 138

Did you know that the habit of offering thanksgiving to God can produce mental and
emotional healing? Someone has said that truly grateful people bubble and overflow,
bringing refreshment not only to others but to themselves. Perhaps it’s time to let
loose with a celebration of thanksgiving. Someone just might discover that life is
worth living well – and that someone just might be you.

Git-R-Done | Genesis 41:37-52

The secret of power is the secret of character, says Griffith Thomas, and the secret of character is the indwelling of God. Though Pharaoh was a pagan he recognized in Joseph a man who communed with a high and mighty divine being. When we live with God, people know it! When we live with God, our whole being is affected. Because he lived with God, Joseph became a person who could git-r-done! We can be that person too.

No Place for Dummies or Psychos | James 1:19b-21

James presented to his readers an essay on how God works in a believer’s life when facing the onslaught of hardships, difficulties, persecutions, weaknesses and insults. Yet – what about us? Do we have any responsibility when hardships and difficulties, come upon us? Of course, we do – but what are those responsibilities? What does God expect from us in times of great adversity? Stick around to discover precisely what is under our column. You just may find mental and emotional healing for your psyche.

Seeing the Hand of God | Genesis 40:1-23

Griffith Thomas wrote: Even the smallest circumstance in life has its meaning, and it may be said, literally, that we do not know the profound significance of many of the simplest details of daily life. Happy is the person whose eyes are open to see the hand of God in everyday events. To that person, life always possesses a marvelous joy and glory. Though a circumstantial case could be made that God had deserted him, Joseph kept himself free from fret, strain, hardness, and despair. Consciousness of God made all the difference.