Taming the Tongue, P3 | James 3:7-12 | Dr. John Connell

Man can tame the tiger but not the tongue. He can harness a horse but not the tongue. He can bind a bear but not the tongue. Man has conquered almost every imaginable foe, but he cannot conquer the tongue. The tongue cannot be contained. The tongue is woefully erratic. Is there anything that can be done? Nothing can be done by any man or woman, but the God-Man, Jesus Christ, just may have the solution.

Teaching for Teachers | James 3:1

In his book, The Preaching Event, John Claypool wrote: Words make things happen. Words are like arrows or bullets being shot into a target. Words go out and do things. James also believed that words have power, thus, he addressed those who claimed to be teachers of the Bible. His words resonate even today. If you are a teacher, don’t miss this message. If you are not a teacher, keep listening – it just may change the way you hear

Cerebral Christianity : F-A-I-T-H | James 2:14-20

James asked the question: What use is it . . . if someone says he has faith, but he has no works? He continued with a second question: Can that faith save him? Let’s make the sense of it a little more clear: Can “that kind of faith” save him? Allow me to offer an even more accurate translation: That kind of faith can’t save him, can it? Perhaps, it’s a good idea to determine the kind of faith we have.