No Neutrality | Luke 6:6-11 | Nick Shalna

What was Jesus response to the Pharisees rejecting His compassion for a man suffering on the Sabbath Day? In this exposition of Luke 6:6-11, we see that there is no such thing as neutrality. Jesus turns the question on those opposing Him as to whether it is better to do good on the Sabbath or to do evil, but “nothing” is not an option. It is easy as Christians to think we may just take the “middle ground” position on Biblical and cultural issues, but Christ tells us that there is no such thing. Don’t be afraid to be a Christian extremist!

Get Real | James 1:1

Sermon Date: July 10, 2022 |  Speaker: Dr. John Connell Anyone who examines the book of James will discover far more than crusty digging in a stale archive. Instead, he or she finds the power of this book drawing them in like the tractor beams in a Star Wars movie. The supernatural influence and shocking…

Once Upon a Time in America | Jeremiah 18:7 & 9

You and I live in a democratic republic – the land in which once upon a time every voice had the right to speak; where once upon a time every opinion could be registered without fear of reprisal; where once upon a time any topic could be debated in the public arena. Once upon a time in America. Will it ever be so again? If not, what then? Why does the answer matter? The answer will make you mad or glad.

Just Keep Going | Genesis 35:1-4

June 29, 2022
God gives people special graces for what some call the sunset years. His enabling can transform any sunset into the first glimmerings of eternal day. Jacob’s final years were like that. His life had been filled with troubles, almost all of his own making. Yet, as he entered upon the last years of his life, he returned to Bethel and experienced a fuller measure of the presence and joy of God than at any time previously. You can too!

Why Does the Resurrection Matter? | Romans 10:9 | Nick Shalna

In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul makes the statement that all of Christianity hinges upon one event and if this event were to be proven false, Christianity would not only be useless and untrue, but it would be the laughing stock of world religions. That event is Jesus of Nazareth’s physical resurrection from the dead. The text of this sermon, Romans 10:9, tells us that belief in the resurrection of Christ is necessary for our salvation. Do you know why the resurrection matters? Do you truly believe it happened and are you prepared to defend it against objections?

On Eagle’s Wings | Proverbs 30:19a

Crows and canaries never become eagles. You may say: That certainly is obvious. Was it meant to be profound? It is obvious when you’re talking about eagles. It may not be as obvious when you’re talking about Christians. Yet, it’s equally as true. If you’re going to be a Christian, then being born a Christian is essential. Yet, how is a person born a Christian, and what difference does it really make? You can soar with the eagles or flap around with the turkeys. Which will it be?